Mental Health Awareness Month: Real Stories from Real Veterans

img_0073One of the most common ways of raising awareness for Mental Health is to hear from someone who has dealt with the same challenges. We’ll be publishing a series of anonymous letters from Veterans who want to help others by sharing their story. 

A Veteran’s Recovery Letter

Recently, I checked myself into the Palo Alto VA. It was one of the best decisions I
made in my life. Until that day I was depressed, stressed, suicidal and drinking was
out of control. I was self-destructing but I woke up one morning, and I decided to
stop and seek help. I strongly recommend any addict, PTSD and people with any
mental illness to come here, and their life will change for the better. For the first
time in a very long time I feel safe again in my life.

I didn’t know what to expect when I came here, but my experience here so far
is way beyond my expectations. The facility is very nice and clean. The nursing
staff , doctors, and social workers are helpful beyond words, patient and very
knowledgeable. They’re doing their best every day to help us. They provide us with
great classes, group sessions, leisure time, chaplain services, and AA meetings.
There is also time for us to go to the patio and play sports, and they even take us to
the nearby pool. There are movie nights, arts and crafts. Very helpful tools. They
do their best to heal you and reach your full potential.

This is the place to turn your life around if you’re ready. The main thing here is to
be very engaged and active. Take advantage of all the support, help and tools that
they give you and practice them in your future.

I am planning to go through all the programs and be ready for a new life. I am
excited and ready to be here for many, many months. I am on great medication
that helps me feel better day by day. I am very grateful for the VA and all
the amazing staff. I strongly recommend it for everyone. It is a life changing
experience. You got all the tools here to take your life back, pull yourself out from
rock bottom. Strongly recommend it. If you come here you’ll be glad. One last
thought, please follow all the rules. It is for your safety and for your benefit.

Based on a true story,
A Recently Treated Veteran

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